Welcome to the The Apparition Wiki

Welcome to the official Apparition Wiki! This wiki contains stories about the Apparition made by the creator as well as user-made sequels and fanfictions.

What is the Apparition? The Apparition is a creepypasta series designed by the user named Dark. In the series, a town named Welton is viciously haunted by a disturbed spirit that takes the shape of a woman dressed in black. The haunting first appears to a small portion of people, the

haunting spreads like a disease throughout the town, all the while the mayor sending victims to local asylums. Here you may find all of the original stories written by the creator and a few of the other people who helped create the pasta. You may also post your own QUALITY Apparition stories here. Note that we do not accept other creepypastas, if you are looking for a good place to stash other stories, checkout the Creepypasta wiki. Your stories must be Apparition related and grammatically correct and have little spelling errors.

Use the wiki to your full extent and be sure to add your pages to our user submission lists.

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